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Elixir Specialty Coffee, Sydney

Elixir Specialty Coffee, $6 for 155ml, instagram.com/elixirspecialtycoffee.


Cold Drip Coffee

Gone are the days when grabbing an iced-coffee meant ducking into the servo.

Today, a cold coffee is more likely to mean a house-made honeycomb-infused single origin in a hip flask (à la Single Origin Roasters), or a long-neck of triple-filtered grounds, steeped for 24 hours until the juice turns a clear crimson red (as at Canberra's Two Before Ten). Around Australia, cafés and roasters are turning to refreshing cold drip for its smooth finish and clean taste - not to mention the convenience and longer shelf life. 

But regardless of whether the coffee is enjoyed neat, over ice, with a dash of milk or in a cocktail, there's a slew of bottled brews now available, each varying in acidity levels, vibrancy, bitterness and buzz. Here are our picks. 


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