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Ferment by Holly Davis

I've gift-wrapped Holly Davis's Ferment for my home cook, a man whose new-found enthusiasm for fermented cabbage has earned him the title Dr Kimchi in the neighbourhood. Once he masters the Korean dark arts, it'll be a natural progression to starters and booches and other cultured alchemies I may live to regret.

Helen Anderson, travel editor

$45; sorrythanksiloveyou.com/ferment


The gifts Gourmet Traveller are giving for Christmas

When it comes to thoughtful gifts, this year's GT x Sorry Thanks I Love You Christmas boutique has them in spades. Among the items selected by our Restaurant Award winners (natural wine! Hand-forged knives! Natural wine!) and the small-batch chocolate, honey, olive oil, salt and other delicious trimmings there are some tough choices to make. Take inspiration from what team GT will be stashing under the tree.

Lead photo by Rowan Jackson.

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