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Bolognese sauce
Emma Knowles, food director, Gourmet Traveller
To add to the great Bolognese debate, this is our food director Emma Knowles' version (although not our only version). Don't use finely minced meat - ask your butcher to coarsely mince the meat for you. Or, if you feel so inclined, hand mince it yourself. Toss this sauce through fresh pappardelle or go Aussie and get yourself some good-quality dried spaghetti. Either way, generous amounts of Parmigiano-Reggiano are a must.


Chef's spaghetti Bolognese recipes: L to Z

We quizzed the best kitchen talents on their secrets to the perfect spaghetti Bolognese. The responses varied but were never ambivalent: this dish is unanimously loved, however it's made. Here, the responses from Liew to Zoccali (with Liston, Loubet, Luk, Maiale, Manfredi, Marchetti, Marcucci, Martini, McConnell, McNamara, Minervini, Moran, North, Perry, Pignolet, Pilu, Pugh, Reymond, Russo, Sawyere, Shewry, Squires, Turnbull, Whitehead, Wickens, Wilkinson, Wilson and Wolf-Tasker in between). For Benn to Knowles, click here.

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