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Yabby jaffle, Monster

Fun fact: Monster's yabby jaffle started life as a snack when Sean McConnell was cooking at Močan & Green Grout. In his luxe version at Hotel Hotel, poached yabby meat is stuffed into fluffy white bread along with horseradish, crème fraîche and Gruyère, then it's toasted to a perfect shade of gold. It's sharp, buttery, cheesy goodness. Club sandwich who? Monster, Hotel Hotel, 25 Edinburgh Ave, Canberra, ACT, (02) 6287 628



The 50 dishes that define Australian dining now

What are the dishes we're talking about right now? What are the flavours that will take us into the next half-century?

There's plenty of established excellence we haven't included here. Golden Century's pipis in XO sauce, MoVida's smoked tomato sorbet and anchovy, Neil Perry's date tart, Quay's snow egg - living (and delicious) pieces of Australian culture all. But what of tomorrow's hall-of-famers? Here, in no particular order, are 50 dishes from around the country making waves right now.


Words: Max Allen, Larissa Dubecki, Sue Dyson & Roger McShane, Michael Harden, Pat Nourse, Maggie Scardifield, David Sly, Samantha Teague and Max Veenhuyzen.

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