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Alvin Quah

Journalist and Recipe Developer

Head of a scientist, heart of a creative and soul of a communicator. Alvin has a doctorate degree in science, majoring in biochemistry, but his true love lies in telling stories through food. Funny, vibrant and known for his inimitable collection of glasses, Alvin remains on a mission to increase awareness of Malaysian cuisine. Born in Kuala Lumpur and with Peranakan heritage, he speaks fluent Malaysian, Cantonese and Hokkien, and from a young age has been passionate about his deep connection to his culture’s heterogenous food. Since leaving the popular TV series, MasterChef Australia, he has cooked in food festivals, hosted TV shows, contributed stories and recipes to Gourmet Traveller and other notable magazines, and worked on brand partnerships in social media. Just for fun, Alvin dabbles in astrology, tarot reading and palmistry. He has a pet schnauzer and a weakness for almond croissants.