Profile picture of Jacqui Triggs

Jacqui Triggs

Creative Director

Jacqui’s creative career started in London, when she was employed by Pink Floyd. Here, she analysed the band’s collection of photographs and learned to appraise imagery from different angles. A critic’s eye was born. She is a multidisciplinary creative who has led award-winning art teams within the world of luxury lifestyle media. Her broad range of skills and contemporary design sensibility has seen her work commissioned by clients such as Sydney Opera House and the State Library of NSW. Jacqui has an unwavering passion for typography and admits to being a massive nerd when it comes to coffee. Her love of food and appreciation of a well-set table has led her to Gourmet Traveller where she can finally tackle life’s big questions, like ‘what colour goes with cheese?’

A guide to Italian dining etiquette

Dine like an Italian

There are rules around la tavola that need to be observed. Get them right and you will experience the full weight of Italian hospitality. Get them wrong and, well, you’ll learn.