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Favourite Christmas recipes

It's that time of year again when we turn to our tried and true Christmas favourites. From roast turkey and glazed ham to rum-soaked pud, we have the standards covered (and variations to boot). There's a reason why these dishes have endured the test of time.
Classic boiled Christmas puddingChris Chen

Roast turkey

Rolled turkey breast with pine nuts, coriander and preserved lemon

Classic brined roast turkey

Soy-poached turkey breast

Pecorino-and-parsley turkey rotolo

Roast goose with pickled cherries

Mustard fruits

Cider apple-glazed ham

Cider-glazed baby ham with ginger and cardamom

Burnt honey, orange and clove glazed ham

Roast suckling pig with walnut and apple stuffing

Crisp king prawns with honey and garlic sauce

Classic boiled Christmas pudding

Hazelnut custard

Plum and cherry fruit mince tart

Golden peach Christmas cakes

Christmas pudding ice-cream

Margaret Fulton’s Christmas pudding

Mince pies


Ma Harvey’s Christmas cake

Chilled eggnog

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