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The most-Googled food terms of 2016

From crêpes to carbonara, the year in search is revealed.

The results are in for Australia’s most-Googled search terms of 2016. When it came to recipes, baking certainly took the cake this year.

Pancakes came in at number one, followed by carbonara, banana bread, scones, hummus, cheesecake, quiche, chocolate mousse, crêpes and brownies. 

Our collection of pancake recipes cover everything from kimchi and crab to nectarine and buttermilk. Tweak tradition with our rigatoni carbonara with garlic or our smoked eel carbonara, or leave out the pasta altogether and use zucchini instead.

Fans of banana bread will love our maple, banana and walnut bread pudding served with crème fraîche and candied walnuts. As for scones, it’s hard to go past our perfect scones with jam and cream, but our duck fat scones served with sausage gravy and fried eggs can also make for a hearty Sunday brunch.

Our house-made hummus is a standout alongside a chickpea and coriander salad, while our collection of cheesecake recipes sees the decadent dessert adorned with figs, caramel, yoghurt, lemon curd or mango jelly. In terms of quiche, why not try our classic Lorraine, or goat’s cheese and herb or ham and leek varieties?

Our recipes for velvety chocolate moussedark chocolate mousse cake or chocolate mousse with cocoa nib brittle will sate even the most seasoned of chocolate fiends. Crêpe enthusiasts will love our recipes for berry soufflé crêpes with vanilla cream, herb crêpes stuffed with ricotta and smoked trout or rose jam with strawberry and buckwheat crêpes.

For brownie lovers, these spiced hazelnut cacao brownies are dense and rich, and our beetroot brownies with ginger crème fraiche offer a sweet and earthy flavour. Happy cooking.

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