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Valentine’s treats

Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and whether you're looking for a bottle of bubbly that won't break the bank, a last minute trip idea, luxe brekkie-in-bed, small bites, meals to share, or sexy desserts, you'll find it here.
Coeur à la crèmeTeny Aghamalian

**Luxe brekkie

**[Lobster omelette


Rhubarb and mascarpone French toast

Buttermilk pancakes with glazed white nectarines


Small bites

**Seared scallops with shaved zucchini flowers

Balmain bugs poached in pernod butter

Quail eggs Benedict tartlets

Tortelli caramelle

Meals to share

[Spaghettini with bottarga, chilli and garlic


Chargrilled prawns with salmorejo and pancetta

Grilled calamari with fennel and lemon salt

Roast rack of lamb with pancetta, summer vegetables and mint bearnaise

**Sexy desserts

**Chocolate and marrons glacés soufflé with chocolate sauce

Persian love cake

Coeur à la crème

Honey mousse with roast dates, fig and hazelnuts

Watermelon and raspberry salad with honey yoghurt

Frangipane tart with caramelised quince and pear



**Sparkling wines that won’t break the bank

**Nights away

**Wine country retreats

Long weekends

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