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Sushi Room: Restaurant review

Surrender your credit card, this is A-list luxury.


Darkly seductive and theatrically lit, Sushi Room is a hot contender for Australia's sexiest sushi-ya, complete with curved booths and an imported hinoki timber counter. Suave sommeliers, white-jacketed sushi masters and haori-wearing floor staff add to the spectacle. Even dessert – a dome-shaped miso-chocolate mousse cake that mirrors the arc of the ceiling – makes a bold statement. It'd almost be intimidating were it not for a rollicking soundtrack that confirms the mutual DNA with sister restaurant, SK Steak & Oyster. Handfuls of plump rice topped with jewel-like slices of alfonsino, kingfish, prized cuts of tuna and more make the chef's nigiri set a lock. Grouper tempura is textbook lacy, with dashi for dipping poured at the table. Pressed sushi with vinegared mackerel, topped with ribbons of its pearlescent skin, is as slick as the rest of the package, which includes a crimson-hued private room upstairs. Surrender your credit card, this is A-list luxury.


Sushi Room
Ground level, The Calile Hotel, 48 James St, Fortitude Valley
Chef Shimpei Raikuni
Price guide $$$
Bookings Recommended
Wheelchair access Yes
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