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Six premium non-alcoholic spirits to try this Dry July

These zero-proof spirits and liqueurs take alcohol-free cocktails to a sophisticated new level while making playful additions to your bar cart.
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Booze-free booze is one class of drinks that has risen to prominence in the latter half of the past decade, and isn’t fading from menus and bar carts anytime soon.

Whatever your reason for ditching, swapping or forgoing alcohol for alcohol-free spirits, there’s a whole other realm of botanicals and tasting notes nipping at your thirsty heels.

Including options from Lyre’s Amaretti to Flueure’s Smoked Agave, we’ve curated an edit of non-alcoholic spirits that will take your next mocktail night to a new sophisticated level.

(Credit: Photography John Paul Urizar, Styling Lauren De Sousa.)

Six non-alcoholic spirits to add to your bar cart

lyre’s ameretti

Lyre’s Amaretti crafted non-alcoholic spirit 700ml, $39.99 (usually $44.99)

Offering the largest range of spirit-imitating drinks, Lyre’s pays homage to each and every boozy counterpart. Take the Amaretti – it has an uncanny almond, vanilla, caramel and marzipan profile, which makes a convincing Sour and would go well in any booze-soaked dessert or trifle.



Flueure Smoked Agave non-alcoholic spirit 700ml, $44.99

Ideal for anyone looking for the smoky, savoury finish of tequila or mezcal, this tipple lingers on the palate with a dry, smoked finish, followed by a vegetal savouriness from agave and a light honey-llke sweetness. Try subbing in place of tequila in a Tommy’s Margarita.


banks botanical

Banks Botanicals crafted non-alcoholic spirit 700ml, $54.90

Add a mature, peppery punch to tonic water with this Yarra Valley-made spirit. The woody undertones are courtesy of cassia bark, while hints of lemon myrtle and wattleseed round out the botanical mix.


seed zero

Clovendoe Distilling Co. Seed Zero, $49.95

With all locally and ethically-sourced botanicals prepped by hand and distilled in traditional copper pot stills on the Gold Coast, Clovendoe’s bottles are evocative of the Aussie backyard. The Seed Zero is infused with organic lavender, rosemary, lemon thyme, lemon myrtle, orange and lemon peel which perfectly pairs with anything from tonic to sparkling blood orange.


ovant royal

Ovant Royal, $49.95

This elegant alcohol-free drop delivers a subtle-but-warm, aromatic finish reminiscent of rum, with star anise, elderflower and cinnamon notes. The Margaret River-based producer’s Royal edition is best served simply topped with soda water, or stirred down with citrus juice and bitters to reimagine a classic cocktail.



Seadrift Classic non-alcoholic spirit 700ml, $55

This Northern Beaches distillery creates alcohol-free spirits in the same traditional copper stills that are used to make vodka and gin. Fresh ingredients like coriander and lemongrass provide a herbaceous and bright take on alcohol-free gin.


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