Alison Jackson hollow-ware

For Alison Jackson, there’s nothing second-place about silver.

By Maggie Scardifield
For Alison Jackson, there's nothing second-place about silver.
Alison Jackson is a doer. Between silversmithing and jewellery classes at Pocket Studio, just outside Canberra, she also produces a range of hollow-ware, from playful Tipsy (no flat surfaces) and Smooch bowls, in snug pairs, to copper tea tins, silver pouring jugs and spoons.
Your work seems well priced, even though you're working with precious metals - what's your secret?
I team traditional silversmithing with more industrial processes. I still finish all the edges and surfaces myself, but whether it's having blanks cut out or making customised tooling for things like spoons, you can streamline things. 
How do you balance the precious with the playful?
People get scared of touching things, so a playful nature helps. Most of my pieces tend to have round bottoms, so you want to go up and poke them.
Alison Jackson hollow-ware, made to order from $98
  • Author: Maggie Scardifield