GT's picks: 10 stylish decanters for all your wine pouring needs

Sit back, relax, breathe. That goes for your wine, too.

Like your wine? Then it's worth getting your paws on a good wine decanter, especially if you have a stock of older, aged reds. A decanter's purpose is two-fold: to remove sediment from the wine, and encourage oxidation to amplify the wine's bouquet. Look for a decanter with a well-rounded bottom and an open spout – this lets in air to circulate in the vessel, and helps the wine to "breathe".
For whisky, however, it's is a different story. Decanters serve a mostly aesthetic purpose, and the taste of the amber stuff won't change remarkably whether it's poured straight from the bottle or a crystal decanter. That being said, we won't not buy a good-looking whisky decanter if the right one comes by.
Here's our edit of some of the best wine decanters around.
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