7 pour over coffee makers to kickstart your mellow mornings

Pour one out for the coffee connoisseur.

If you've frequented specialty coffee shops in Australia, you'll notice that more and more cafes are offering your favourite morning brew in pour over style made with a glass vessel atop of an electronic scale. A goose-neck kettle circling - slowly and steadily - as hot water trickles onto a bed of fresh coffee grounds. You could almost watch this calming process for days on end.
Pour over coffee is quite simple, and that's what attracts many to this technique. But, let's not confuse simple with fast. Making pour over coffee is a ritual in the morning that forces you to clear your mind, focus, and slow down, before charging full steam for the day ahead.

What is pour over coffee?

So, what exactly is this phenomenon? In short, pour over coffee is a coffee-making method that involves pouring hot water over coffee grounds. The water then extracts flavours from the coffee grounds via a filter, leaving you with a delicious aromatic brew.

Why should I use the pour over coffee method?

The pour over method is often praised for its ability to extract intricate flavours and profiles compared to other methods. Due to its 'slower' method of brewing, you are left with a delicious cup of coffee that has been infused at its own time and pace.

How do I make the best pour over coffee?

The coffee grounds, the coffee dripper, and the rate at which you are pouring the hot water over the grounds all adds up to the taste of your final brew.
Here are some helpful tips:
  • Avoid coffee filters that are bleached. If you are working with bleached coffee filters, run it with hot water to rinse before use.
  • Make sure the coffee filter fits the dripper well - anything bunched up will affect the distribution of your coffee grounds.
  • Opt for a thin goose-neck kettle. The thin neck makes it easier to control the flow of your pour.
  • Have all your pour over coffee equipment ready at once so the process is smooth and stress-free.

The best pour over coffee makers in Australia

Now that you're ready to step into the world of pour over coffee, discover our edit of the best pour over coffee makers that you should add to your new (and more relaxed) morning routine.