Six quality steak knives that even vegetarians will find use for

Our edit of top picks that made the cut.

By Jessica G. Lynch
Although the name would suggest this blade is just for those who dabble with or have a penchant for eating meat, a quality steak knife is also a valuable tool for the vegetarian.
Sharp and serrated, steak knives are not only ideal for slicing through cooked ribs, briskets or shanks, but for other simple foods like cheese, veggies or sandwiches when you're out on a picnic or can't be bothered to get out the big kitchen knives.
So whether you're serving up chargrilled sirloin steak or prepping a chickpea tahini salad, a quality set of steak knives will be an apt addition to your arsenal of blades. Read on for our curated edit to see which sets make the cut.

6 quality steak knife sets to invest in