This new kitchen hero will reinvent the way you cook

From kitchen prep to cleaning, this all-in-one appliance sets a new benchmark for entertaining at home.

By BTYB Winning Appliances
Frequent home entertainers will understand the toll it takes to prepare, cook, serve, entertain, and clean – all while maintaining your status as a brilliant host. It leaves the best of us exhausted. But a new culinary system is here to make life in the kitchen easier, more efficient, and more enjoyable.
Designed and handcrafted in the US, The Galley system is a kitchen appliance that comprises of a multi-faceted workstation, tap and dresser. There's no doubt that it will revolutionise your kitchen experience and be the envy of all your dinner party guests... But how does it work? We learn how to use The Galley to boost kitchen functionality.

1. Prepare

Forget stacks of chopping boards or digging for utensils. You can easily chop, strain, and mix food all in one spot with The Galley Workstation. The stainless-steel workstation is home to multiple serving boards and essential kitchen tools to make the preparation phase hassle-free. Everything is within arm's reach, so you can prepare any dish at the workstation before transitioning to a cooktop.

2. Cook

Switching from chopping to cooking has never been smoother. Just line up The Galley Workstation with your cooktop to move ingredients quickly from prep to pan. The workstation is even designed to accommodate a standard oven tray, so you can pop everything straight into the tray ready for baking. Exclusive to kitchen specialist Winning Appliances, this kitchen hero changes everything about how functional the cooking stage can be.

3. Serve

This kitchen all-rounder is your best friend when it comes to serving. You can use the various serving boards to transform your practical preparation space into an aesthetic serving zone. Just give them a quick wash and slide the individual boards across the top counter to turn them into serving surfaces. Set out hors d'oeuvres, create a charcuterie station or arrange drinks and cutlery. With seven standard lengths available, The Galley Workstation can become the centrepiece of your kitchen island and a place for guests to gather.

4. Entertain

When you have The Galley in your kitchen, the entertaining world is your oyster. Whether you're hosting Sunday dinner for the family or after work drinks with friends, this kitchen set-up is bound to impress. At the workstation, you can store ice and garnishes for cocktails, present a barbecued spread, or pull bar stools around to share snacks.
To boost the functionality factor even more, The Galley also offers a matching tap and dresser. The Galley Tap is available in complementary finishes, while The Galley Dresser is built to be a statement piece. Created by renowned kitchen interior and fine furniture designer, Doug Durbin, the handcrafted dresser integrates the workstation for the ultimate streamlined kitchen.

5. Clean

The dreaded last step of every dinner party is the clean-up. With The Galley system, it's all too easy to contain your prep and cooking mess beneath your workstation while you chat to your guests, serve food, or sit down to enjoy a meal. As for the washing up itself, keep the process easy and efficient with a separate wash station nearby. The Galley is the kitchen appliance of dinner party dreams.
Brought to you by Winning Appliances. The Galley is exclusively available at Winning Appliances.