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A guide to celebrating Peru's National Pisco Sour Day

While it's not an Australian national holiday, why not take the excuse to celebrate?

By Greta Quealy
Pisco Sour

While we're not usually ones to jump on the "national insert-trendy-food-here day" bandwagon, February 4's Dia de Pisco Sour is something different. In 2013, Peru declared a national holiday in honour of the Pisco Sour on the first Saturday of February each year, and we'll cheers to that.

To celebrate in style, consult our classic Pisco Sour recipe, but if you're feeling more adventurous, try Lennox Hastie's riff on the cocktail with his grilled Pisco Sour. Among other changes, he's added a grilled lime which results in a cocktail closer to a Pisco Sweet and Sour. And if you really want to embrace the holiday spirit, baking a pisco-spiked sticky syrup ring tin cake with a whipped cream centre should do the trick.