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Amor y Amargo’s Black Rock Chiller

A fortifying summer cocktail that’s as portable as it is potable.

By Max Veenhuyzen

A fortifying summer cocktail that's as portable as it is potable.

No ice? No problems. The Black Rock Chiller is an invigorating pick-me-up that can be enjoyed anywhere - even in the Nevada desert. "Gizmodo asked me to make a drink for their writer who was going to Burning Man," says Sother Teague of bitters-centric New York cocktail bar Amor y Amargo. "The brief was 'cooling and refreshing', but the caveat was that they'd have no access to ice." So how does this Negroni-ish elixir manage to taste cold without being chilled? The secret, says Teague, is a beloved Italian liqueur. "The bracing menthol of Branca Menta immediately cools the senses while the peppery and slightly citrusy tequila delivers the punch." Amor y Amargo, 443 E 6th St, New York, NY, USA, +1 212 614 6818 

In a glass (or bucket), combine equal parts Branca Menta, reposado tequila and Suze (for a sharp bitter note). Stir and serve neat without ice or garnish.

  • Author: Max Veenhuyzen