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Jungle’s Floridian Fizz

Sand, sea and Floridian Fizz – it’s time to get lei’d.

Sand, sea and Floridian Fizz - it's time to get lei'd.

Manager Ryan Lewis sums up the atmosphere at West End's Jungle as complete sensory overload. "But it's the best kind of sensory overload," he says. "You walk in and there's way too much of everything. It's what tiki is all about.'' Lewis describes the Floridian Fizz as a tiki-ish twist on the classic Southside cocktail of citrus, gin and mint. Let's get tropical. Jungle, 76 Vulture St, West End, Qld.

Pour 50ml of a floral-style gin into a long Catalina Sling-style glass. Add 30ml lime juice, 20ml palm sugar syrup (palm sugar dissolved in an equal amount of water) and 10ml apricot brandy (at the bar they use Tamborine Mountain Distillery's Apricot Brandy Liqueur). Add some mint leaves, plenty of ice, stir well to combine and chill, then top with dry ginger beer. Garnish with more mint and rolled, skewered dried apricots then serve.