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5 recipes that celebrate Australian produce

These restaurant dishes put local ingredients to fine use.

By BTYB Harvest Road
International travelling - and dining – is off the cards for the foreseeable future. But lucky for us, we have some of the world's most exquisite produce in our very own backyard.
From the sea, we can count on oysters, kingfish and Murray cod; on land, there's kangaroo and fragrant eucalyptus. Here, we round up five distinctive recipes that celebrate our unique Australian produce.
Akoya with spicy coriander lemon soy sauce, seared with hot olive and sesame oil

Akoya with Spicy Coriander Lemon Soy Sauce

This beautiful dish is exclusive to Nobu Perth, with Leeuwin Coast Akoya the star ingredient. Harvested from the pristine coastal waters around Albany and described as the jewel of the ocean, the Akoya is set to become Western Australia's next great delicacy.
"We have created three unique dishes in our exclusive Nobu style, utilising quality Western Australian produce," says Crown Perth Executive Sous Chef Christopher Hori.
"The team thrives on exploring new and exciting ways to expand the Nobu Perth menu. We are always expanding our palette with new ingredients as we learn about the produce and where it comes from."
"The Akoya is new to Western Australia," says Hori. "At Nobu Perth, it's shucked like a scallop and mixed with different sauces."
Grilled kingfish belly, fennel and grilled finger lime.

Grilled kingfish belly, fennel and grilled finger lime

As kingfish tends to produce large, thick fillets with few bones, it's an excellent fish of choice. This dish of grilled kingfish belly is a masterstroke in texture and flavour – the sweet, soft, and slightly oily kingfish is contrasted with the crunch of shaved fennel, while the charred finger limes add a smoky, zesty finish.
Carpaccio of kangaroo with beetroot and native fruits

Carpaccio of kangaroo with beetroot and native fruits

Some may balk at eating our national emblem, but kangaroo is generally considered to be more sustainable meat option, with lean, gamey flesh. This particular recipe is as good as it looks – thinly sliced kangaroo fillet, the earthiness of baked beetroot, and the sweet-sour goodness of quandongs in agrodolce.
Raspberries with eucalyptus meringue.

Raspberries with eucalyptus meringue

Eucalyptus imparts a sharp menthol freshness to any dish, so for a dessert with a unmistakable Australian flavour, we can't go past this meringue recipe. Just a drop of two of eucalyptus oil is enough to infuse throughout the fluffy meringue.
Escabeche of Murray cod with saffron and currants.

Escabeche of Murray cod with saffron and currants

Escabeche is traditionally made with red mullet or sardines, but the oily, firm flesh of Murray cod is an equally good Australian fish to use here. Dust the cod pieces in flour and give them a quick fry, then souse them good with a mix of vinegar, white wine, bay leaves and peppercorns.
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