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The top-rated barbecue sauces on the market

Be it marinating, brushing or drizzling, these five sauces are ready for the grill.

By Georgie Meredith
Clockwise from top left: Bitton BBQ Sauce, Bone Suckin' Sauce Thicker Style, Napa Jack's Bar-B-Q Sauce, Horseshoe Brand Original Barbecue Sauce, Stonewall Kitchen Honey Barbecue Sauce

Bitton BBQ Sauce

Bitton are masters of homemade-style jams, dressings, dips and spreads, but their barbecue sauce is far from traditional. The addition of chilli, ginger and citrus bring piquant notes to this spice-infused dressing, and make it an ideal match for barbecue prawns.
$14 for 250ml.

Bone Suckin' Sauce Thicker Style

Phil Ford fashioned this rich barbecue sauce back in 1987, after attempting to recreate his mother's traditional recipe. True to its name Bone Suckin' Thicker Style is a dense, southern-style condiment, with hints of mustard and apple cider vinegar. With its sticky texture, it's a foolproof marinade for chicken wings.
$16.75 for 454ml.

Napa Jack's Bar-B-Q Sauce

If you're after a classic, you needn't look past this California-crafted barbecue sauce. Smoke packs a powerful punch, while hints of clove and tamarind bring complexity to its flavour. Glaze ribs or add to beef brisket for a sticky, caramelised crust.
$17.95 for 437ml.

Horseshoe Brand Original Barbecue Sauce

This chutney-like condiment is not your average barbecue sauce; it's an earthy, umami-rich sauce, with the addition of vinegar bringing tangy after-notes. The combination of chipotle, cayenne pepper and salt provides an extra kick of heat.
$16.95 for 473ml.

Stonewall Kitchen Honey Barbecue Sauce

Jonathan King and Jim Stott began selling their sauces at a farmers' market in Maine more than two decades ago. Today, their expansive range includes this sweet, tomato-based barbecue sauce. The honey element here is a winning combination with grilled chicken.
$12.95 for 330ml.