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The best nut butters on the market right now

Spread on toast or spooned straight from the jar, these nut butters are worth a spot in the pantry.

By Georgie Meredith

Melrose Almond Butter

Roasted almonds are the sole ingredient of this wonderfully silky spread. It has a bold, earthy flavour that is both sweet and slightly bitter. Add to overnight oats or drizzle over your morning muesli for an extra hit of calcium.
$13 for 250gm,

Byron Bay Peanut Butter Co Crunchy Peanut Butter

If there were a king of peanut butters, this would be it. A blend of Queensland-grown hi-oleic peanuts (meaning they contain a higher amount of good fats) and macrobiotic Australian sea salt, this plush, dark-roasted butter has a natural sweetness. Intensely rich, it's a faultless toast topper best served generously.
$7.50 for 375gm,

Hand 'N' Hoe Organics Roasted Crunchy Macadamia Butter

Hand 'n' Hoe keeps its carbon footprint low by using macadamias that are hand-picked, processed and packed on their solar-powered farm in Kippaxs, NSW. Its crunchy macadamia butter is delicate, toasty and teeming with chopped nuts. Try mixing it with classic Asian condiments for an Aussie twist on a satay.
$15 for 225gm,

NOYA Cashew Butter

Noya pride themselves on using nothing but nuts in their spreads. This magnesium-rich cashew butter is the definition of velvety, with no extra additives. Cashews are lightly roasted for a rounded nutty flavour and an exceptionally creamy texture. Put it to work in a salad dressing or add to smoothies as a natural thickener.
$9.50 for 250gm,

99th Monkey Pistachio and Almond Butter

This jar of dense, textured nut butter sees roughly 80 per cent roasted almonds combined with 20 per cent raw pistachio. The unlikely marriage of these two nuts produces a sweet, easy-going flavour with refined savoury undertones. Stir through pesto or mix into a pancake batter for some added oomph.
$12 for 200gm,
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