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Five of a Kind: Anchovies

As a potent source of salty, umami flavour, these preserved fish make the perfect summer snack. Here are five of the best.

By Jordan Kretchmer
Ortiz boquerones
These silky-textured white anchovies (which are preserved in vinegar and oil soon after being caught, rather than being salted and aged) possess a sharp citrus punch. The garlicky marinade and bright flavour would go well chopped through a salad or as part of a tapas spread.
Olasagasti Cantabrian anchovies
A favourite with chefs, these clean, salt-forward bites are a great all-rounder anchovy to keep in the pantry for entertaining. Olasagasti (in their words, "hard to say but easy to eat") anchovies would go beautifully atop oxheart tomatoes with a crack of pepper or served in a classic Caesar salad.
Conservas Nardin smoked anchovies
At this family-owned Sicilian fishery, the fine art of salting and preserving anchovies is overseen by just 20 master canners. This particular line is imbued with a gentle smoked flavour reminiscent of smoked ham or trout. You'll also find these delicate beauties on the menu at Pellegrino 2000 and Saint Peter.
Pujadó Solano Anchovy fillets
These plump, well salted anchovies have beautifully textured fillets. Balancing saltiness with a full-bodied umami flavour results in one of the best anchovies to eat on its own. A sublime example of why anchovies are the perfect summer snack.
Conservas Angelachu
Firm but forgiving, tender and meaty, these Cantabrian anchovies are immaculately presented in the tin, and the taste matches. Each anchovy fillet packs huge flavour, with the skin entirely removed and an even rosewood pink hue that makes them ideal to serve simply with bread as an impressive entrée.
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