Japan's top ramen shops now come in T-shirt form

Uniqlo celebrates noodle soups in a capsule line that’s dangerously slurpable.

By Pat Nourse
Afuri Ramen's T-shirt
You've got your knitted burger hat, and you're rocking the finest fries-print jogging pants known to man. But what about a comforting snack for your torso? Uniqlo to the rescue.
Its Ramen UT capsule line is all about the most obsessed-over of Japanese comfort foods, celebrating six of Japan's biggest names in the noodle game in highly collectible short-sleeve tees that are about to drop in Australia.
Want to play it low-key? Opt for the subtler design from shio chain Setagaya or the all-kanji print from fellow Hokkaido vendors Santouka. If you prefer to wear your love of Japanese noodle soup on your sleeve (so to speak) for all to see, the designs for Afuri, a ramen-ya celebrated for its yuzu-spiked bowls, and for Sapporo prawn-head-ramen specialists Ebisoba Ichigen, say it loud and proud.
The Menya Musashi tee, meanwhile, features a samurai brandishing swords (presumably thinking about tonkotsu), while you can declare your love for a particular style of Ippudo's Hakata-style tonkotsu with either its classic shiromaro, in off-white, or its modern akamaru, done with red miso in the broth, in red.
The Ramen UT shirts are 100 per cent cotton, retail for $19.99 and land in Australian Uniqlo stores in October.