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The Producers: Sunday Muesli Company

Muesli laden with spice and grain puts flavour and flair back into breakfast.

By Laksha Prasad
Sunday Muesli Company's muesli

Muesli laden with spice and grain puts flavour and flair back into breakfast.

WHO When they couldn't find the right muesli in their local stores, partners Peter Deering and Sunday Barca-Irving began making their own. Two years later, they started the Sunday Muesli Company, which now operates out of a small commercial kitchen in south-east Melbourne. "It all started with Sunday," says Deering. "She had a large number of recipes that naturally aligned with a number of dietary requirements, and focused on holistic whole-food principles."

WHAT There are currently four styles of toasted muesli in the range made with 100 per cent organic ingredients, such as pepita, mulberry, quinoa, amaranth, puffed millet, cacao and coconut. "We've created one for every kind of morning," says Deering. The pair use a variety of grains, seeds and spices - a house-made chai spice blend and garam masala, say - to give each mix its own unique flavour and texture, and rely on natural ingredients such as sour cherries or brown rice malt syrup for sweetness.

WHY Sunday Muesli favours a small-batch approach. Barca-Irving cooks everything herself to ensure that each 400-gram canister contains the right balance and only the highest-quality product. "We work closely with a number of organic wholesalers across Australia, and try to source locally as much as possible, too," says Deering. To add even more flair, each mix is encased in a custom-made environmentally friendly cardboard canister. The couple don't see themselves being limited to muesli either - collaborations with specialty coffee-makers, local artists and ceramicists, and a new range of breakfast bars is on the cards.

WHERE The Sunday Muesli Company range is available at specialty grocers, retailers and direct from the website, $16.90 for 400gm,

  • Author: Laksha Prasad