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The $50 Melbourne toastie that’s about to make your White Night a lot tastier

It has black truffles, Bitto Cheese and San Danielle prosciutto. Is this the jaffle to end all jaffles?

By Yvonne C Lam
Chin Chin's Thai Bolognese toastie
How much would you pay for a toasted sandwich? Melted cheese between warm, crunchy bread – you wouldn't expect to pull a pineapple from your wallet. What if we told you it came with top-shelf prosciutto, Italian cheese and a healthy shaving of Manjimup truffles?
Melbourne Food and Wine Festival has programmed a three-night celebration of eating and drinking during the city's White Night. As part of the festivities, they've tasked 13 bars and restaurants in the Melbourne CBD with dreaming up a luxurious meal deal: a toastie and a toddy, upgraded.
Over at new-school Cantonese restaurant Lee Ho Fook, a ma po tofu toastie will set you back $10. Throw in their Shanghai Nights cocktail with Adelaide Hills 79 Sunset Gin and Lee Ho Fook's rhubarb, green strawberry and pink Sichuan pepper shrub tea blend, and you're looking at a $25 toastie and cocktail combo.
Chin Chin is serving a Thai Bolognese number for $14.50, while Cumulus Up has stuffed theirs with Pyengana cheddar, Meatsmith charcuterie and cornichons for $14.
But on the pointer end of the offerings lies wine bar Arlechin's $50 invention: a jaffle stuffed with San Daniele prosciutto, Bitto cheese and shaved Manjimup black truffles.

"It's a luxe Italian cheese toastie. It's decadent, delicious and exactly what I'd be looking for on a winter's night," says co-owner Guy Grossi. "The Bitto cheese is special – it's only produced in Val di Lei, a small valley in Lombardy, and to have it here in Australia is incredible. And the truffles are of course some of Australia's best."
Arlechin will also mix up a hot toddy comprised of bourbon, Vino di Visciole (an Italian sour cherry wine), spices and honey. Have it on its own for $22, or pair it with the truffle toastie for $68.
It's no bargain sambo. But it's a price to pay for one very special jaffle.
All venues will be offering their toasties and hot toddies from 7pm during White Night from 22 to 24 August. For more information on the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival's White Night food program, head to

Where to get your toasties and toddies during White Night

San Daniele Prosciutto, Bitto Cheese (From Val di Lei) and Manjimup Truffle shaved over the top, $50
Bourbon, Vino di Visciole, panforte spices, honey, $22
Toastie and toddy, $68
Bar Tini
Porchetta, pickled onions and crisp sage leaves on a steamed milk bun, $9
Pork fat-washed bourbon, oloroso sherry, pork stock, lemon, honey and crisp bacon, $18
Toastie and toddy, $25
Boilermaker House
Sherry-braised beef cheek, béchamel and piccalilli on sourdough, $17
Jameson, Bols Genever, Orleans bitters and cinnamon, $13
Tuna and guindilla pepper Bikini, $12.50
Spiced sherry Hot Toddy, $12.50
Chin Chin
Thai Bolognese toastie, $14.50
Yellow curry vegetarian toastie, $12.50
Woodford Batch 1 bourbon, caraway honey, lemon juice, spiced orange tea and hot water, $14
Cumulus Up
Pyengana cheddar, Meatsmith charcuterie and cornichon toastie, $14
Melbourne Moonshine Apple Pie Shine and Talisker with lemongrass, ginger, pepper and honey, $16
Fancy Hank's and Good Heavens
North Carolina hash and pimento cheese toastie, $16
If It Ain't Broke – Dewar's 12-year-old with lemon, cloves, honey, cinnamon and water, $10
Note: toastie available at Fancy Hank's, cocktail available at Good Heavens.
Lee Ho Fook
Mapo tofu toastie (with pork), $10
Shanghai Nights – Adelaide Hills 78 Sunset Gin and Lee Ho Fook tea blend with rhubarb, green strawberry and pink Sichuan pepper shrub, $18
Toastie and cocktail, $25Madame Brussels
Apple and caramel jaffle on puff pastry, $16
Nan's Noggers – Chivas 12-year-old, apple schnapps, vanilla liqueur, honey and cinnamon syrup, $16
Stewed rhubarb, house-made ricotta and pistachio praline in toasted brioche, $16
The Tsar of Istanbul – Chivas 12-year-old, hazelnut liqueur and rosewater, $16
Toastie and cocktail, $30
Magic Mountain Saloon
Braised lamb, lime and chilli chicken and smashed potato with tamarind, mayonnaise and hot sauce, $14
Mekong Hot Toddy – Whisky, apple shrub, ginger, lemongrass and star anise, $14
Toastie and cocktail, $22
Cochinita pibil, crisp ox tongue and Swiss cheese with pickled jalapeño, mustard and mayonnaise, $12 (or $10 takeaway)
House-spiced dark rum, reposado tequila, orange, cinnamon and pineapple, $15
Toastie and cocktail, $25
Press Club – Projects
Please note that you must book for Toasted at Press Club – Projects. Tickets are $25 and include toastie and cocktail. Book using the links for Friday 23 August or Saturday 24 August.
Moussaka toastie of slow-cooked lamb shoulder, Neapolitan sauce, kefalograviera and pickled eggplant ketchup
Metaxa brandy, spices and orange peel.
Whisky & Alement
Seared black pudding toastie with whisky-smoked béchamel, $12
Earth, Fire and Ginger Toddy – Kilchoman single malt, ginger and lemon, $16
Toastie and cocktail, $28