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Wholegrain Milling Company

Proving that when it comes to baking, old-fashioned is the next big thing.

By Laksha Prasad

Proving that when it comes to baking, old-fashioned is the next big thing.

WHO The Neale family's Wholegrain Milling Company is one of Australia's few multi-certified stone- and roller-grinding mills producing organic flours that are cultivated, milled and stored without the use of chemicals. Wendy Neale began making her own stone-ground wholemeal flour in the early 1980s, and the family has seen their fairly modest set-up expand to a company that holds more than 200 wholesale accounts, including the notable likes of Bourke Street and Sonoma bakeries, and restaurants such as Billy Kwong. "Without great grains and flour, we have no chance of turning out a wholesome and flavoursome loaf," says Bourke Street founder Paul Allam, "and with Wholegrain, I know they're sourcing the best organics that Australia has to offer."

HOW The Neales source grain from premium growers across Australia and use imported European millstones, as well as their custom-made milling equipment. "Our stone-ground range, for example, keeps the bran and germ within the flour," says director Craig Neale, "giving you a textured flour that will produce a more nutritious loaf."

WHY Since 2007, Wholegrain has partnered with the nearby Demeter Farm Mill in Gunnedah to produce further organic products alongside their grains and flours. In partnership with Demeter Farm, they've reached the highest international standard of organic certification. "It really is an art form in all steps," says Neale, "from the farmer to us, the miller, and then to the end producer, the baker."

WHEREWholegrain Milling Company, 17-21 Borthistle Rd, Gunnedah NSW, (02) 6742 3939

  • Author: Laksha Prasad