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Restaurant Hubert opens for lunch

That sandwich at your desk is suddenly looking a bit lacklustre.

By Pat Nourse
Restaurant Hubert's lunch menu

It's been some months in the making, but the scarily popular New Restaurant of the Year, Sydney's Restaurant Hubert, has finally opened its doors to weekday lunches, starting Monday 28 November. It's a set-menu format, but it's a thing of beauty.

Chef Dan Pepperell's $75 prix fixe of seasonal appetisers (grilled scallop beurre noisette, radishes with butter, house terrine, and leeks vinaigrette among them), baguette and salad followed by Rangers Valley flat-iron steak frites with Bordelaise butter is bookended by optional add-ons of rock oysters and/or Sterling caviar to begin, and cheese or dessert to close proceedings. Better still, it's all presented on a carte decorated by illustrator Allie Webb with mermaids frolicking with lobsters in palm-shaded pools of Champagne.

With its award-winning cellar and total protection from natural light, Hubert is the perfect place to lose track of a few hours over lunch this Christmas. Lunch service closes at three but Bar Pincer, the bar to the right of the stairs, remains open right through till dinner. You have been warned. The silly season is about to get a whole lot sillier.

Restaurant Hubert, 15 Bligh St, Sydney, NSW, (02) 9232 0881,