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What chef dads want for Father's Day

Our leading chefs aren't afraid to think big when it comes to Father's Day wish lists...

By Maggie Scardifield
Ben Shewry and son
Seaplanes, customised sports cars, serious watches - our leading chefs aren't afraid to think big when it comes to Father's Day wish lists, even if all most of them seem to really want is a bit more free time.
Hamish Ingham, Bar H, Sydney
I would like a holiday on Waiheke Island at my father-in-law's beach house with my family, drinking nice wine by the open fire. Oh, and an Audi Q7 with a big H on the side. **
Ben Shewry, **Attica, Melbourne
I would just like time with my wife, Natalia, and our three children, Kobe, Ella and Ruby. Life is hectic and every moment with my family is precious, so it's really time with them that I'm craving. As I've got older I've realised that everything else is materialistic, which can still be fun, but it's the quality time spent together and bonds that count.
Joel Valvasori-Pereza, Lalla Rookh, Perth
I'm always hoping for anything to do with brewing, cheesemaking, curing, smoking and distilling. I try to keep my sock drawer pretty full so as not to waste an opportunity to get something good.
Guillaume Brahimi, Guillaume, Sydney
I would just like to have my family around me and to spend the whole day with them. It has been a busy year with the opening of the new restaurant, so that time together is more precious than anything else.
David Lovett, Uccello, Sydney
A bottle of Occhipinti Il Frappato or a new cookbook would be a nice prezzie, but a relaxing day hanging out with my boy, Archie, and then fish and chips for dinner would be perfect.
Jeremy Strode, Bistrode CBD, Sydney
Lunch at Papi Chulo. We went on opening night and I keep trying to get back. I can't think of anything nicer: a trip on the ferry, great family lunch - a quintessential Sydney day out.
George Calombaris, The Press Club, Melbourne
It's Father's Day for me every day with my two little creatures, James and Michaela, so lots more of the same things: hugs and kisses, smiles and some new socks.
Rodney Dunn, The Agrarian Kitchen, Tasmania
I've been without a watch now for a few years, never knowing the time and usually running late, so it would probably be in mine and others' best interests to receive a watch. I am coveting an Omega Speedmaster - very sexy.
Matt Moran, Aria, Chiswick and North Bondi Fish, Sydney
I would be very happy with a day off with the family.
Nathan Johnson, Felix, Sydney
We've just renovated our kitchen at home, so I'd love some new pans.
Peter Gilmore, Quay, Sydney
To not have to cook a single meal and be looked after by my family.
Frank Camorra, MoVida, Melbourne
Just a happy coincidence this Father's Day, but I hope I'm able to be sitting at the ANZ Stadium with my sons watching the Sydney Swans demolish their opposition in the AFL elimination final (if we need to play it at all).
Alistair Wise, Sweet Envy, Hobart
It's kind of a big one for us - my birthday is around the same time - so I save a few extra-special wishes and leave numerous hints on all computers and tablets as screensavers. Despite really wanting a seaplane (even though everyone insists that I need to get an aeroplane licence first), I could definitely settle for a Fender Rhodes stage piano or even a Wurlitzer 200A. Failing that, a cocktail arcade machine with Space Invaders, or perhaps a Morris 1495 side-valve engine in good order to finish a side project.
Peter Kuruvita, Noosa Beach House, Noosa
The only gift I want for Father's Day is to be at home with my wife and three boys. It's also my youngest son's eighth birthday and he is so happy I will be there to celebrate with him. I travel constantly so this really is the greatest gift. Oh, and if the surf's up at my local break and the fish are running, that would be an added bonus.
Sean McConnell, Monster, Hotel Hotel, Canberra
I would love a Kamado Joe ceramic barbecue. But if that doesn't happen, a day at home with my wife and our little fella would be the perfect Father's Day.
Shannon Bennett, Vue de Monde, Melbourne
A day where there is no nagging - is that too much to ask? Plenty of hugs and plenty of smiles would be good, and a nice bottle of pinot.
James Viles, Biota Dining, Bowral, NSW
For Father's Day this year I would love a good sleep and a Big Green Egg.
Jock Zonfrillo, Orana, Adelaide
I've been travelling a lot lately, so this Father's Day I would love a big hug from my two gorgeous daughters! #thatisall
Dan Hong, Mr Wong, Sydney
All I want on Father's Day is a day spent with my daughter, Namira.