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Classic gin cocktails with a modern twist

Sip your way back to days of the speakeasy.
Simon Casson

The 1920s – a notoriously grand era for fabulous parties, and even more so fabulous cocktails. A century later, we still enjoy many of the heady concoctions created during the prohibition era.

This year’s World Gin Day (12 June) is not only an excuse to indulge in GT’s favourite gin cocktails, it’s also a reminder some of the best tipples will never go out of style. It’s been just over 100 years since the beginning of the prohibition era – so we’re celebrating the days of the speakeasy with classic cocktails that have a modern twist.

A good quality gin can seriously up your cocktail game, and this month, our pick for small-batch spirits goes to Prohibition Liquor Co. and its Navy Strength gin. This beautifully balanced grape-based gin offers a medley of sweet, lively citrus flavours including juniper, macadamia and vanilla, as well as ginger and grapefruit. Whether you’re a Negroni loyalist or a Gimlet aficionado, this gin will go with just about any gin-based cocktail you can think of.

We’ve also included a refreshing, palate-cleansing cucumber and gin slushie (yes, even in winter) and an easy-drinking Gin Rickey You’ll be shaking and stirring your way to gin refreshment come cocktail hour.

Brought to you by Prohibition Liquor Co.

Photo: Adobe Stock

Gin Rickey

Clandestine Club

Photo: Chris Court

Elderflower gin and tonic

Photo: Simon Casson

Navy Gimlet

Photo: Ben Dearnley

Cucumber-gin slushie

Photo: Meaghan Coles

New Fashioned

Photo: Chris Chen



Bathtub Sour

Photo: Prue Ruscoe

Cucumber and gin punch

Photo: Simon Casson


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