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Dumpling recipes from around the world

From gyoza to jiao zi, gnocchi to mandu.
Mandu - dumpling recipes

Gyoza, jiao zi, gnocchi – is a dumpling by any other name any less delicious? Almost every cuisine includes a recipe for some form of dumplings, which to our mind is testament to the comforting qualities of these small morsels that come either stuffed with meat or vegetables or as they are, flecked with herbs or soaking up the flavour of whatever is around them.

If you’re looking for hearty, home-cooked comfort, these dumpling recipes from around the globe are just the ticket.

Lamb manti with yoghurt, sumac and dried mint

Chicken broth with bone marrow dumplings

Pork dumplings

Boiled beef and dumplings

Speckknöedel in smoked chicken broth

Tortellini in brodo

Prawn and chicken pot sticker dumplings

Gnudi with wilted bitter greens

Gnocchi a la Parisienne

Panela syrup dumplings with espresso caramel ice-cream

Beef, beer and dumplings

Gnocchi with Brussels sprouts, pancetta and hazelnuts

Steamed pork dumplings with Shanghai chilli vinegar


Crisp prawn dumplings with green tea salt

Fried sweet baby gnocchi with dried muscatels

Alto Adige-style spinach and bread dumplings

Poached pork and garlic chive dumplings

Spinach and ricotta dumplings in chicken broth

Mandu - dumpling recipes


Gnocchi alla Romana with saltimbocca

Jade prawn dumplings

Kimchi mandu in broth

Potato dumplings with crisp breadcrumbs and speck

Sticky rice lotus dumplings with roast chilli vinegar

Porcini gnocchi with salsify, peas, asparagus and baby spinach

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