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George Calombaris recipes

The best of Greek food.
George Calombaris recipes

He critiques the dishes on Masterchef but how do George Calombaris’ own recipes plate up? Deliciously, of course. Rabbit spanakopita, pork belly with moussaka vinaigrette and chocolate baklava are only the beginning. Be sure to leave room for seconds.

Char-grilled zucchini with feta and mint

George Calombaris: Kotopoulo tava

Kotopoulo tava

Mussels ‘spanakopita’

Chocolate baklava

Pork belly with moussaka vinaigrette

Red mullet à la Grecque

Island of Chios mastic panna cotta with Greek doughnuts

Horta, ricotta and almond lady fingers

Rabbit ‘spanakopita’

George Calombaris: Alexandrian falafels with hummus

Alexandrian falafels with hummus

Pikilia gemista

George Calombaris: Pork and prawn koupes with honey dressing and parsley coleslaw

Pork and prawn koupes with honey dressing and parsley coleslaw

Lentil and coriander salad

George Calombaris: Sheftalies (Cypriot souvlaki)

Sheftalies (Cypriot souvlaki)

George Calombaris: Risogalo


George Calombaris: Warm manouri with strawberry glyko

Warm manouri with strawberry glyko

Habibi rice

Beef rump with Lebanese seven-spice and soy-tahini dressing

Taramasalata with prawn crackers

Char-grilled lamb with green chilli and sesame sauce

Haloumi, ricotta and peppered fig pide

KFC, “Kat’s fried chicken”, with barbecue sauce

Coffee and doughnuts

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