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Light and healthy recipes

With fresh ingredients and lots of spices, these light and healthy recipes are perfect for summer.

These recipes are full of fresh fruit, vegetables and spices. From crisp salads to spicy chicken, these are perfect for a lighter style of Christmas and summer entertaining.

Turmeric and lemongrass chicken on sugarcane

Passionfruit, pineapple and vanilla icy poles

Curried young coconut salad with sorrel

Grilled salmon chops with asparagus and lemon relish

Glass noodle salad

Quinoa pilaf with beetroot, egg and tahini yoghurt

Mango and papaya with coconut tapioca and lime syrup

Pineapple, green mango and peanut salad

Watermelon, grilled tomato and coriander salad

Yoghurt curd with raw and grilled vegetables

Stir-fried chicken with Sichuan pepper and chilli

Carrot soup with feta and quinoa

Blistered kale ribs with kale-leaf and quinoa salad

Nicoise salad with albacore tuna

Raw mahi mahi with green papaya, lime and chilli

Fish with tahini sauce, pomegranate and fennel

Red cabbage, jicama and citrus

Silverbeet soup with rice, lemon and smoked trout

Belon’s hima aji with pomelo and avocado

Kensington Street Social’s kale with pear and bottarga

Mackerel with orange and jicama salad

Linguine with pesto

Smashed beetroot, quinoa, egg and avocado salad

Trout salad with radishes and trout roe

Coconut jelly with Kaffir lime syrup

Rockmelon, lemon and gin slushies

Penang asam laksa

Peach, lime and cachaça slushie

Young coconut and papaya bubble soup

Pineapple and mint slushie

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