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Summer breakfast recipes

Say goodbye to toast in the morning.
Summer breakfast recipes

Summer is here, and with it comes a colourful bounty of fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables. Try our sweet quinoa with sticky mango, or scrambled eggs with green chilli and coconut, they’re certainly worth getting out of bed for.

Sweet coconut quinoa with sticky mango

Scallops, chorizo and fried eggs on toast

Speedy yoghurt flatbread with zucchini flowers and feta

Almond-milk chia with berries and watermelon in eucalyptus-hibiscus syrup


Char-grilled leek, chevre and mint omelettes

Chia-seed puddings with blueberries, banana and goji berries

Pot-set yoghurt with lemon verbena and blueberries

Chinese-style tomato scrambled eggs

Ocean trout and herb omelettes

Pancakes with quark and peaches

Indian-style scrambled eggs with green chilli and coconut

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