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Honey, White Peach and Lemon Sling

Australian Gourmet Traveller cocktail recipe for Honey, White Peach and Lemon Sling
Honey, White Peach and Lemon Sling

Honey, White Peach and Lemon Sling

Ben Dearnley

“Gin and peaches are good mates, as are honey and lemons, so this drink is a little bit like four old friends having a civilised giggle. Slings were originally made with rum, sugar and beer, until bitters came along to replace the beer.” – Jason Crawley




1.In a shaker, add honey, 1 tsp hot water and lemon and muddle. Add peach nectar, gin, half-fill with ice and shake for 30 seconds or until shaker goes frosty.
2.Strain into a highball glass filled with shards of ice, top with lemonade and serve.

White peach nectar is available from

and select gourmet stores.


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