Rare beef with tomato, herb and chilli salad

This rare beef salad marries perfectly with the tomato and herbs while the chilli dressing adds a nice kick.
Rare beef with tomato, herb and chilli saladChris Chen

This beef fillet is served rare and cold so it can be roasted a day ahead – ideal for summer entertaining.


Chilli dressing


1.Preheat oven to 250°C and bring beef to room temperature (30 minutes). Place a heavy tray in the oven to heat. Rub oil all over beef, season to taste, salting the meat well, and place on tray. Roast, turning halfway through cooking, until medium-rare (25 minutes). Rest until completely cooled, then wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate to chill.
2.For chilli dressing, combine ingredients in a bowl and season to taste.
3.Thinly slice beef and arrange on a platter. Toss tomatoes, herbs and shallots in a bowl to combine. Add dressing, toss to coat, then scatter salad over beef and serve.

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