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Bowery Boy

Australian Gourmet Traveller cocktail recipe for Bowery Boy

By Pat Nourse
  • Serves 6
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Bowery Boy
Drink tips
Punches and cups, like any other cocktails, need to be made to taste. Fruits vary in sweetness, different brands of spirit have differing qualities and you may prefer your drinks sweeter, drier or stronger than we do as the situation demands. Treat this recipe as a guide, and bear in mind that as a rough rule, classic cocktails are typically made to a ratio of three parts strong drink to two parts acid, one part sweetness. Fresh lemon and lime juice, bitters and sugar syrup are good to keep on hand for last-minute adjustments. Keeping things cold is also essential. We've made large ice-cubes using cut-down clean milk and juice cartons. They work admirably and look pretty cool to boot. Get mixing.


  • 1 700 ml bottle of Jameson or other Irish whiskey
  • 2 750 ml bottles of ginger ale
  • 400 ml pineapple juice
  • Splash ginger wine
  • Several large ice cubes
  • To garnish: long piece of orange peel


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    Combine all ingredients in a jug or punch bowl, chill with large ice cubes and serve.
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