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Fried chicken

Australian Gourmet Traveller recipe for fried chicken.

By Lisa Featherby
  • 40 mins preparation
  • 50 mins cooking plus marinating, cooling
  • Serves 12
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Fried chicken
You can steam and coat the chicken pieces in advance so they just need to be fried before serving. You'll need to begin this a day ahead to marinate the chicken.


  • 12 chicken pieces, drumsticks and wings
  • 800 ml buttermilk
  • For deep-frying: vegetable oil
  • 1 eggwhite, whisked to soft peaks
  • 300 gm self-raising flour (2 cups)
  • 1 tsp onion powder
  • 1 tsp each ground coriander and ground white pepper
  • ½ tsp hot paprika
  • To serve: lemon wedges, aïoli and Tabasco


  • 1
    Combine chicken and half the buttermilk in a non-reactive container and refrigerate overnight to marinate.
  • 2
    Drain chicken and steam in bamboo steamers over a saucepan of boiling water until chicken is cooked through (20-25 minutes). You can prepare ahead to this point. Just cool and refrigerate until ready to fry.
  • 3
    Heat oil in a deep saucepan to 170C. Stir eggwhite into remaining buttermilk. Place flour, onion powder and spices in a bowl, and season heavily with sea salt flakes. Dip chicken pieces in buttermilk, then spiced flour and carefully lower into hot oil (take care, the oil will spit). Repeat with 3 more pieces and cook until golden and crisp (3-5 minutes). Drain well and repeat with remaining chicken pieces. Serve hot with lemon wedges, and aïoli and Tabasco for dipping.