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Girl Attack

Australian Gourmet Traveller cocktail recipe for Girl Attack

By Pat Nourse
  • Serves 6
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Girl Attack
Who says 'girl-drink' is a dirty word? Take the Frangelico-and-fresh lime idea and make a longer drink perfect for picnicking. Supercharge it with vodka or white rum, or substitute soda in place of lemonade for something drier.
Drink tips
Punches and cups need to be made to taste. Fruits vary in sweetness, different brands of spirit have differing qualities and you may prefer your drinks sweeter, drier or stronger. Treat this recipe as a guide, and bear in mind that as a rough rule, classic cocktails are typically made to a ratio of three parts strong drink to two parts acid, one part sweetness. Fresh lemon and lime juice, bitters and sugar syrup are good to keep on hand for last-minute adjustments. Keeping things cold is also essential. We've made large ice-cubes using cut-down clean milk and juice cartons. They work admirably and look pretty cool to boot.


  • 1 700ml bottle of Frangelico
  • 6 limes, cut into eighths
  • 8 limes, juice only
  • Dash orange blossom water
  • Large ice cubes (see note) or cracked ice
  • To taste: Chilled lemonade
  • To garnish: Kaffir lime leaves


  • 1
    Mix Frangelico, lime and juice and orange blossom water in a punch bowl or jug and chill for at least an hour.
  • 2
    To serve, add plenty of ice, lemonade to taste and garnish with kaffir lime leaves.


Note Large ice cubes are great in punches and melt more slowly than smaller cubes. If you're not in the market for specialty ice moulds, just fill the bottoms of some clean milk or juice cartons with water and freeze.

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