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Golden mango and passionfruit caramel tart

Slicing and layering the mango can be a fiddly process, but it's worth if for the final result.

By Lisa Featherby
  • 1 hr preparation
  • 1 hr cooking plus resting, refrigerating, cooling
  • Serves 12
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Golden mango and passionfruit caramel tart
The pastry case, pastry cream and passionfruit caramel can all be made ahead of time.


  • Cheeks of 4 ripe but firm mangos
  • Vanilla-bean ice-cream, to serve
Sweet pastry
  • 170 gm softened unsalted butter, coarsely chopped
  • 40 gm pure icing sugar, sieved
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 240 gm plain flour, sieved
Pastry cream
  • 500 ml milk (2 cups)
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 6 egg yolks
  • 120 gm caster sugar
  • 35 gm cornflour
  • 25 gm plain flour
Passionfruit caramel
  • 220 gm caster sugar (1 cup)
  • 130 ml strained passionfruit juice (from about 8 passionfruit; see note)


  • 1
    For sweet pastry, beat butter and sugar in an electric mixer until pale, add yolk and mix to just combine. Add flour and 20ml water, mix until dough just comes together. Turn onto a lightly floured surface, shape into a disc, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm (1 hour). Roll out pastry between two sheets of baking paper to a 30cm-diameter round and line a buttered and floured 24cm-diameter tart tin. Trim edges, prick base with a fork and refrigerate to rest (1 hour).
  • 2
    Meanwhile, for pastry cream, bring milk and vanilla to the simmer in a wide saucepan. Whisk yolks, sugar and flours in a bowl until pale, add milk, then return mixture to a clean pan and whisk continuously over medium-high heat until very thick (4-6 minutes). Remove from heat, transfer to a bowl, cover closely with plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm (1-2 hours).
  • 3
    Preheat oven to 180C. Blind-bake tart until golden around edges (25-30 minutes), remove paper and weights, then bake until just golden and cooked through (15-20 minutes). Cool, carefully transfer to a serving plate and set aside.
  • 4
    Meanwhile, for passionfruit caramel, bring sugar and 60ml water to the simmer in a small saucepan over medium-high heat, stirring to dissolve sugar, then cook until caramel (10-15 minutes). Remove from heat, add passionfruit juice and 60ml water (be careful as hot caramel will spit), stir to dissolve and set aside to cool.
  • 5
    Beat pastry cream in an electric mixer until smooth, then transfer to a piping bag (no nozzle). Pipe pastry cream evenly into tart, then set aside.
  • 6
    Thinly slice mango cheeks lengthways, then fan the slices. Carefully arrange over tart, starting around edge and working towards centre in concentric circles until tart is completely covered. Drizzle with a little passionfruit caramel, scatter with reserved passionfruit seeds, cut into wedges and serve with vanilla-bean ice-cream and extra passionfruit caramel.


Note For strained passionfruit juice, reserve a few seeds for garnishing, process remaining pulp briefly in a small food processor to thin it, then strain through a sieve.