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Whiskey Sour tart

Australian Gourmet Traveller recipe for Whiskey Sour tart .

By Emma Knowles
  • 50 mins preparation
  • 35 mins cooking plus resting, cooling
  • Serves 10 - 12
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We've taken the classic lemon meringue tart and transformed it with the flavours of the equally classic Whiskey Sour. A good splash of whiskey adds a kick to the Italian meringue topping.


  • 280 gm caster sugar
  • 100 ml whiskey
  • 30 ml lemon juice
  • 5 eggwhites
  • To serve: icing sugar
  • To serve: maraschino cherries (optional)
Lemon pastry
  • 130 gm butter, softened
  • 130 gm pure icing sugar, sieved
  • Finely grated rind of 2 lemons
  • 2 eggs, plus 1 yolk
  • 360 gm plain flour
Whipped lemon curd
  • 8 egg yolks
  • 270 gm caster sugar
  • 140 ml lemon juice
  • 30 ml whiskey
  • Finely grated rind of 1 lemon
  • 1 titanium-strength gelatine leaf, softened in cold water for 3-5 minutes
  • 250 gm butter, softened, chopped
  • 200 gm crème fraîche


  • 1
    For lemon pastry, beat butter, icing sugar and rind in an electric mixer until pale (2-3 minutes). Scrape down sides, then add eggs and yolk one at a time, beating well between each addition. Add flour and a pinch of salt, and mix to just combine, then form dough into a disc, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate until firm (2 hours). Roll out pastry on a lightly floured work surface to 4mm thick, then line a 3cm-deep x 24cm-diameter tart or cake tin on tray lined with baking paper, pressing pastry into the corners. Trim top and refrigerate to rest (1 hour). Preheat oven to 180C. Blind-bake tart case until light golden (10-15 minutes), then remove paper and weights and bake until golden and crisp (8-10 minutes). Set aside to cool completely and store in an airtight container until required. Tart case can be made a day ahead.
  • 2
    For whipped lemon curd, whisk yolks, sugar, lemon juice, whiskey and rind in a bowl over a saucepan of simmering water until thick and pale (4-5 minutes). Squeeze excess water from gelatine, whisk into lemon mixture until dissolved, then remove from heat and whisk in butter a little at a time, until incorporated. Refrigerate until thick and cooled. Just before serving, whisk lemon curd to soften, then whisk in crème fraîche.
  • 3
    Stir sugar, 50ml whiskey and lemon juice in a small saucepan over medium-high heat until sugar dissolves, bring to the boil and cook until syrup reaches 126C on a sugar thermometer (5-6 minutes). As syrup nears temperature, whisk eggwhite in an electric mixer until soft peaks form then, whisking continuously, gradually add syrup down the side of the bowl and whisk until glossy (4-5 minutes), then add remaining whiskey and whisk to combine.
  • 4
    Spoon lemon curd into pastry case, smooth top, then spoon meringue on top in large peaks, brown with a blowtorch (optional), dust with icing sugar and serve with maraschino cherries.