Chef's best Vietnamese recipes

With this bun cha by Tony Tan, and a winning pho recipe by Dan Hong's mum, you can do no wrong.

Some of our favourite chefs have contributed their best-loved Vietnamese recipes. They're fresh, fragrant, and shine a the spotlight on the cuisine's signature ingredients: herbs, rice noodles of different shapes and sizes, and of course, fish sauce.
Thi Le (from Melbourne's Anchovy has shared her how-to's on grilled calamari, stir-fried garlic shoots, and marinated pork neck with banh hoi noodles. There's a couple of recipes for bun cha (grilled pork patties with rice noodles) by Tony Tan and Brisbane's Hello Please, and one for Luke Nguyen's rice cakes with tiger prawns and pork floss.
And not to be outdone, you should definitely try the crisp quail and pho (Vietnamese noodle soup) from Angie Hong and Dan Hong,