How to make béchamel

How to make béchamel

A little know-how equals better lasagne, cauliflower-cheese and croques monsieur. Chef and doyen of French cooking Jacques Reymond shows how to get that silky-smooth result.

Now to love|Oct 16, 2018

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  • How to butterfly lamb leg

    How to butterfly lamb leg

    Knowing your way around a lamb leg opens up serious grilling potential. Butcher Richard Gunner demonstrates how it's done.

    Now to love|Sep 27, 2018

  • Coastal saltbush

    What is saltbush?

    This native shrub, once used as animal fodder, has found a new lease on life at the table, proving its worth in salads, roasts and stir-fries.

    Now to love|Jun 05, 2018

  • Yuzu kosho, the Japanese condiment made with citrus and chilli, is a versatile flavour bomb that deserves a spot in every pantry.

    What is yuzu kosho?

    A punchy paste packing citrus and chilli, yuzu kosho is the kind of versatile flavour bomb that’ll spice up pretty much anything. Get the lowdown on this Japanese condiment.

    Now to love|May 07, 2018

  • Beef cheeks

    What are beef cheeks?

    A master butcher explains everything you need to know about one of the most interesting beef cuts, beef cheeks.

    Now to love|May 01, 2018

  • Barbecuing tips from chefs

    Barbecuing tips from chefs

    Big Green Egg or binchotan, asado or braai - there's more than one way to stoke a fire. We ask chefs for their hot tips and tricks for summer grilling.

    Now to love|Feb 04, 2018

  • How to make ricotta

    How to make ricotta

    Cheesemaker Kristen Allan gives us the 101 on how to make ricotta from scratch – the result is fresh curds for days.

    Now to love|Jan 17, 2018

  • How to shuck an oyster

    How to shuck an oyster

    Follow these tips from seafood expert John Susman and you’ll be on your way to perfectly shucked oysters every time.

    Now to love|Dec 19, 2017

  • How to mix a drink

    How to mix a drink

    Cocktail king Michael Madrusan, of The Everleigh in Melbourne, prides himself on precision and principles, which also form the foundation of a great drink. Here are his golden rules.

    Now to love|Dec 18, 2017