Lauren Eldridge's guide to making salted caramel

Not much goes better with chocolate than salted caramel. Pastry chef Lauren Eldridge walks us through the process.

By Lauren Eldridge
Salted caramel
Salted caramel only has four ingredients, is simple to make and has many uses. It does, however, require a little care and attention. For starters, there are two ways to make caramel: the wet method, which begins with sugar and water, and the dry method, which uses only sugar.
A wet caramel has its place (it's great for hard-set toffees, for example), but for a butterscotch-style sauce like this, I prefer dry. The dry method is also easier. There tends to be a fear with caramel that it might crystallise and seize up. Thing is, that only happens with the wet method, and then, only if you stir it; with dry it's not a concern, you're just melting and caramelising sugar. I take mine to the edge of burning because I like how the bitterness counteracts the sweetness, but stop yours earlier if you like. Same with the salt, adjust it to suit your own taste.
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