Recipes from the late, great Amy Chanta

Palisa Anderson shares some of her favourite dishes from her late mother.

Amy Chanta with her daughter Palisa Anderson. Photo: Kara Rosenlund
"There are many stories you can tell about Amy Chanta, the beloved Sydney restaurateur who helped Australians fall in love with Thai cuisine," writes Lee Tran Lam in Gourmet Traveller's tribute to the late chef. Chanta, who passed away in March 2020, was formative in shaping the Sydney's Thai food scene in its early days, and after establishing her first Chat Thai restaurant in 1989, went on to build a restaurant empire that has become synonymous with Thai hospitality and cuisine in the city.
But she was also a migrant, a single mother, who scraped together enough money as a garment outworker to bring her children from Thailand to Sydney in the 1980s. Her daughter, Palisa Anderson, would eventually enter the family business, establishing the Thai-café mash-up that is Boon Café, and Byron Bay property Boon Luck Farm. Here, Anderson combines food and family, and shares some of her favourite recipes from, and stories about, her late mother.