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Avocado toast ideas

There's more than one way to do avocado on toast - believe us.

By Emma Breheny
Is it possible that the way you like your avocado toast is as personal as the way you take your tea? The heated debate (in the GT office, at least) around adding feta, the toppings you prefer and whether buttering the toast is necessary or overkill would suggest yes.
In spite of the strong opinions on how to best make avocado on toast, we say let your imagination guide you to your perfect smashed avo formula. Kimchi, fingerlime and edamame are all fair game for toast toppings, but that's just the tip of the iceberg. Here are more than 10 avocado on toast ideas that are bound to give your local café a run for its money.

Classic avocado on toast recipes

Avocado on seeded toast with soft-boiled egg
With a few flourishes (home-made bread, super ripe avocados, chilli flakes) you can make a super memorable version of avocado on toast - and pocket the small change you'll save in the process.
Rough guacamole
It might be more commonly associated with the dip table at parties, but all the elements are there for a killer avocado on toast recipe: plenty of lime juice, a generous amount of salt and some aromatic coriander and green chilli.
Avocado, edamame and lemon dip
Opt for a slightly less smooth dip and voila, you've turned dip into breakfast. The edamame add a nice amount of crunch while preserved lemon brightens everything.
Avocado on seeded toast with soft-boiled egg (photography: William Meppem)

Avocado toast toppers

  • Salt
  • Lime juice
Mix it up with:
  • Slices of tomato with black pepper
  • Soft-boiled egg or poached egg
  • Gravlax
  • Coriander
  • Fingerlime pearls
  • Dukkah
  • Kimchi
  • Sunflower seeds (try stirring them in a pan with some oil, then drain on paper towel and salt them)
  • Fermented chilli or chilli sauce
  • Furikake
For something a little more luxe, you could try these toasts of kingfish ceviche, which have all the salt and acid you'd want on avocado toast plus the little extras that make a difference, like shallots and garlic.
Ceviche toasts with avocado and coriander (photography: Dean Wilmot)

Avocado plus things that aren't toast

Yes, avocado on toast is a beautiful thing, but these snacks involving flatbreads, burgers and tortillas are just as enticing. What's more, they can be enjoyed as party snacks, breakfast or even dinner, solving the problem of how to get more avocado in your life.
Shredded snapper, lime, coriander and avocado flatbread
Looking for a snack that can double as dinner? These flatbreads topped with snapper, aïoli and a generous squeeze of lime juice are satisfying and require hardly any cooking.
Chicken, bacon and avocado burger
Bread plus avocado basically equals avocado on toast, right? In this grilled chicken and bacon burger, an avocado-coriander sauce packs a tangy punch that's the perfect complement to smoky flavours.
Chicken, bacon and avocado burger (photography: Ben Dearnley)
Fried, egg, avocado and chilli tacos
This recipe takes everything you love about Mexican cuisine and Australian café fare and wraps it up in one tasty, tortilla-shaped package. Go wild with the toppings.
Kingfish ceviche tostada
Fresh summer flavours of orange juice, jalapeño, coriander and lime come together on these crisp tortilla rounds that are perfect served pool-side with an icy cold beer or refreshing Spritz.
Crab and avocado tortillas
The luxe tacos that your parties have been missing until now.
Kingfish ceviche tostada (photography: Ben Dearnley)

Toast toppings to add avocado to

If you're a diehard avocado on toast fan, chances are you'll look for any opportunity to incorporate some of its green, creamy goodness into just about anything. Go wild with these toast recipes.
Beans and chorizo on toast
The creaminess of avocado would make a fine match for spicy chorizo. Slice thinly and serve on the side for a burst of colour on your plate.
Eggs on toast with Asiago
Give this scrambled egg recipe inspired by Elizabeth David's method a 21st-century twist by serving with your favourite stone fruit: the avocado.
Crushed peas, basil and poached eggs on sourdough (photography: Jason Loucas)
Crushed peas, basil and poached eggs on sourdough
The fresh flavours on this plate are crying out for a touch of avocado's creamy richness.
Poached eggs with creamed corn and green chilli relish
What's a breakfast of poached eggs without some avocado? It's the perfect balance to punchy green chilli relish.
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