Barbecue chicken recipes for your summer grilling needs

Sun's out, tongs out.

Hellenika's chicken souvlaki
Smell that? It's the unmistakable fragrance of a barbecue chicken recipe filling the summer air. Chicken often gets a bad rap for being an uninspiring choice of meat, but when thrown on the barbecue or grill, it transforms into something else. And there's no denying Australians' love affair with a barbecued chicken when the sun is warm and the days are long. So, we've pulled together our best barbecue chicken recipes that work as well for backyard get-togethers as they do quick and easy dinners.
We take inspiration from Japan and Korea with chicken yakitori and ssäm skewers; Indonesia with fast chicken satays and Balinese curried chicken; the Caribbean with Jamaican chicken wings and spiced chicken thighs with corn, avocado and lime; Greece with Hellenika's excellent chicken souvlaki; and the US with our Southern-style bbq chicken recipe. Plus, in these recipes you'll find a few tips and tricks for throwing a chicken on the barbecue and keeping it moist.
Sun's out, tongs out. It's time to barbecue some chook with our best barbecue chicken recipes.