Ceviche recipes and other ways to cure fish

Find the freshest fish you can, and grab a bag of limes. It's ceviche time.

Kingfish and scallop ceviche with tomato oil
The origins of ceviche are controversial, but Peruvian chef Diego Muñoz explains that "it's generally agreed that it was first created by fishermen", which explains its popularity in coastal regions throughout Central and South America.
Recipe-wise, the premise is simple: find the freshest fish you can, marinate it in lime juice (which "cooks" the flesh), and the result is delicately cured fish that's best garnished with the punchy flavours of chilli, coriander and onion.
Make sure you refer to Muñoz's recipe for ceviche classico with leche de tigre, as well as our favourite ceviche recipes by Porteño's Elvis Abrahanowicz and Ben Milgate.
Not to be outdone, we've also thrown in recipes for cured fish of all shapes and sizes: there's 10 William St's kingfish "ham", a whole side of Asian-style cured trout with rice paper crackers, Miznon's lemon-cured sardines, and Saint Peter's cured ocean trout with fennel crème fraîche.