With these Chinese chicken recipes, you'll never order takeaway again

Kung pao, bang bang and white-cut. These are the chicken recipes you know and love.

Stir-fried chicken with Sichuan pepper and chilli
Fast or slow, spicy or soupy, these Chinese chicken recipes are set to liven up the dinner table. We're fans of "strange flavour" chicken, also known as bang bang chicken; or the soy and chilli-laced goodness of kung pao chicken. For a fast and easy option, just stir-fry chicken with Sichuan peppers or Chinese mushrooms, but if time is on your side, slow-poach your chook: just see Tony Tan's recipe for Hainanese chicken rice, or Sunda's masterstock chicken with ginger and spring onion relish. And don't forget Kylie Kwong's recipe for deep-fried chicken with finger-lime sauce. Unmissable.