Easter doesn't stop, so you'll still need these recipes

Hot cross buns, a whole lot of lamb and fish recipes, and chocolate treats. Easter this year will be different, but no less delicious.

Easter 2020 will be different to other years. Physical distancing means gathering your friends and family for a long weekend of feasting is out of the question. Still there are other ways to make Easter happen. You could, for example, select a recipe or two to cook in your separate homes, and share your results over a video call. Or if your households are near each other, batch-cook a few dishes and arrange a contactless drop-off of food.
Easter recipes that will fare well include our eight-hour braised lamb shoulder served with Israeli couscous, or a side of cured trout. We've also compiled our favourite recipes for an Orthodox Greek Easter (including an impressive tsoureki), and ways with Easter rabbit (we like it best when it's braised low and slow).
Of course, there are hot cross bun recipes, and those with a sweet tooth will put Flour & Stone's Easter cakes and Easter-appropriate desserts to good use.